Falling Into Oblivion

Into Oblivion is a drinking contest of ridiculous proportion. Each player is dealt five item cards each round and attempts to make one of many mixed drinks for themselves or their opponents. Some drinks have additional status effects, some will make you puke instantly, while others just leave a funny taste in your mouth.

Legend has it that this mysterious marvel of engineering known as the Pocket Brewer was invented by Dr. Cyrus Stansfield as a means of keeping the homeless away from his dental office's parking lot. Some say it was crafted by the government to subdue the masses of Starkham. Others say some highly motivated drunks cobbled it together when the Noose & Rafter briefly shut down for the summer. Regardless of how it happened, it has allowed the denizens of the town to easily make dangerous alcoholic drinks and hold all-too frequently drinking contents.

The game takes place in various seedy locations through the city of Starkham (prominently featured in our previous games) and against some of it's better known inhabitants. Players can customize their character as well as challenge friends online or via LAN. Bet on your matches to gain money to buy upgrade, cosmetic skins, and items from the local Shady Merchant.

Music from our old friend Macabre Gandhi and David Totten.

Thirsty For Features

The game has the following features best laid out in list format with snappy phrases like:

  • Face off against five different characters in single-player mode
  • Various outfits, hair styles, and accessories
  • Soundtrack by Macabre Gandhi and David Totten
  • Online and LAN multiplayer
  • Personal and global statistics on debauchery
  • Our favorite half-time mini-game Midnight
  • A leaderboard system of true alcoholics
  • 52 item cards to mix, match, and drink
  • 191 mixed drink recipes
  • 30 temporary buffs to save your hide or sabotage you
  • Drink in various locations around Starkham
  • Bet against friends and foes to acquire coins
  • Upgrade and unlock gear at the Shady Merchant's shop
  • 28 achievements to obtain

Drinking Buddies

The game features online and LAN cross-platform multiplayer for Linux and Windows so you can drink your buddies under the table no matter what operating system they use... as long as it's not a Mac.

Haven't Hit Bottom

Similar to the "Street Loyalty" features of our last game, The Dope Game, there are some small bonuses for players of our other games. Mostly of the cosmetic variety. Each game played unlocks a different skin set to mix and match with the ones you have already. If you haven't played any of our previous games, fear not, you'll only have to spend a little coin to get them as well.

Drinky News

Into Oblivion - XMas Event Now Live!

Hey, anonymous alcoholics!  The X-Mas event is now going on in the game and the Krampus is out to spike your drink.  There is a holiday-themed event, bot, and two achievements active.

The wintery forest is the holiday arena that features the Krampus.  Beating him will unlock him as a playable skin as well as the forest as a playable arena.  There are also six holiday drinks that you can mix up; doing so will earn you a fancy, festive achievement.

The Brewmaster expansion, which adds a whole new game mode, is also coming sometime in early 2020, so watch out for that.

Happy holidays!

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Into Oblivion - Version 1.6.0 Update - Easter Event

Hey, anonymous alcoholics! Today we are releasing the version 1.6.0 update which contains the Easter event!  This has new skins, achievements, a bot, arena, and more.  The event runs until April 27th to beat H.H. Bunny and keep your Easter unlocks (well, until next year this time).

Here is the change log for those who know:

  • Added: new bot - H.H. Bunny
  • Added: two new achievements
  • Added: six special holiday drinks
  • Added: new holiday arena
  • Added: new Easter skins
  • Fixed: missing holiday flags in save file
  • Fixed: avatar head spacing in multiplayer
  • Fixed: need for flag to stop rechecking Steam stats

Next up is the infamous Brewmaster expansion!  More on that this summer!

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Into Oblivion - Version 1.5.0 Update - St. Paddy’s Event

Hey, anonymous alcoholics!  Today we’re updating Into Oblivion with the St. Paddy’s Day event which adds a new bot, new skins, new achievements, new drinks, and a new arena.  There are also some refinements under the hood to boot!

Here is the modest change log too:

  • Added: St. Patrick’s day skins
  • Added: Timothy the Leprechaun bot
  • Added: new St. Patrick’s day arena
  • Added: two new achievements
  • Added: six new St. Patrick’s day themed drinks
  • Changed: the “made with Godot” splash screen
  • Changed: unlocking system under the hood
  • Changed: cleaned up some unused variables and code
  • Fixed: missing click sound in statistics section

We are also gearing up for the version 2.0 which will introduce an upgraded engine and tons of changes to almost everything (yes, even the networking stuff).  Stay tuned and happy St. Paddy’s!

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Alcoholic Statistics

Total Games


Total Wins


Total Losses


Total Forfeits


Total Ties


Total Drinks Made


Total Times Vomited


Total Money Acquired


Total Recipes Made


Total Intoxicants Felt


Total Ingredients Used


Total Bets Made


Total Bettings Earned


Total Half-time Won


Total Chain-Vomits Caused


Total Items Bought


Total Money Spent


Total Singleplayer Matches


Total Multiplayer Matches


Total Drunk Points


Total Liver Damage


Total Health Damage


Drunken Leaderboards

The Regular - Most Games

  1. Bustin Kaps at 330
  2. Marijueth at 150
  3. Endwarf at 146

Champion Drinker - Most Wins

  1. Bustin Kaps at 303
  2. Endwarf at 130
  3. thugscar at 120

Sloppy Seconds - Most Losses

  1. Marijueth at 35
  2. Bustin Kaps at 27
  3. Endwarf at 16

The 86'd - Most Forfeits

  1. CoaguCo at 27
  2. Wesselboy at 18
  3. Endwarf at 12

Like A Fish - Most Drinks

  1. Bustin Kaps at 1,965
  2. Endwarf at 1,091
  3. Marijueth at 961

Deep Pockets - Most Money

  1. Bustin Kaps at 760
  2. Endwarf at 432
  3. thisismike97 at 363

The Bartender - Most Mixed Drinks

  1. Endwarf at 744
  2. Bustin Kaps at 567
  3. Marijueth at 220

Under The Influence - Most Intoxicants

  1. Endwarf at 81
  2. Bustin Kaps at 81
  3. Manawarp at 15

Improv Master - Most Items Used

  1. Bustin Kaps at 4,875
  2. Endwarf at 2,719
  3. Marijueth at 2,658

A Fool - Most Bets

  1. Bustin Kaps at 247
  2. Marijueth at 162
  3. Endwarf at 128

Nickel And Dime - Most Bettings

  1. Wesselboy at 5,875
  2. Bustin Kaps at 4,411
  3. Endwarf at 2,158

Soaking In It - Most Drunk Damage

  1. Marijueth at 1,120
  2. Bustin Kaps at 1,003
  3. Jackalus at 383

Broken Inside - Most Liver Damage

  1. Bustin Kaps at 678
  2. Endwarf at 516
  3. thugscar at 438

Dick Cheney - Most Health Damage

  1. Bustin Kaps at 757
  2. Endwarf at 756
  3. thugscar at 423

Amateur - Most Pukes

  1. Bustin Kaps at 313
  2. Marijueth at 266
  3. Endwarf at 194

Drunken Change Log

This is the official change log for Into Oblivion.

Icky Shot - Version 1.6.0 [ 04/15/19 ]

  • Added: new bot - H.H. Bunny
  • Added: two new achievements
  • Added: six special holiday drinks
  • Added: new holiday arena
  • Added: new Easter skins
  • Fixed: missing holiday flags in save file
  • Fixed: avatar head spacing in multiplayer

Hot Toddy - Version 1.5.0 [ 03/15/19 ]

  • Added: St. Patrick's day skins
  • Added: Leper Khan bot
  • Added: new St. Patrick's day arena
  • Added: two new achievements
  • Added: six new St. Patrick's day themed drinks
  • Changed: the "made with Godot" splash screen
  • Changed: unlocking system under the hood
  • Changed: cleaned up some unused variables and code
  • Fixed: missing click sound in statistics section

Grog - Version 1.4.5 [ 01/13/19 ]

  • Changed: improved bot logic when playing dice
  • Fixed: upgrades and purchases were swapped accidentally
  • Fixed: being able to "steal" bot's dice roll
  • Fixed: animation glitch by right-clicking during dice reset
  • Removed: upgrade check before save file loads

Grog - Version 1.4.4 [ 01/12/19 ]

  • Fixed: version number issue
  • Fixed: issue where betting higher than bot has causes crash
  • Fixed: issue where wrong colored eyelids showed for bot

Grog - Version 1.4.3 [ 01/10/19 ]

  • Added: secondary check for Upgrayedd achievement when opening the Shop

Grog - Version 1.4.2 [ 01/08/19 ]

  • Changed: made minor adjustments to bot logic
  • Fixed: issues with a few achievements not firing correctly
  • Fixed: ingredient list counting Coin and Coins
  • Fixed: Krampus Punch not being counted in Mixed Drinks list
  • Fixed: accidental trigger for reloading stat file

Grog - Version 1.4.1 [ 12/30/18 ]

  • Fixed: defeating Krampus triggers wrong achievement
  • Fixed: crash after buying item from Shady Merchant and starting a match

Grog - Version 1.4 [ 12/22/18 ]

  • Added: new holiday bot, Krampus
  • Added: new arena, Snowfield
  • Added: two new achievements, Night Before X-Mas and Holiday Cocktails
  • Added: six new X-Mas themed drinks
  • Added: animated snowglobe reward for achievement
  • Added: new X-Mas themed skins for players to wear
  • Added: new wallpaper to DLC
  • Changed: functionality for achievements due to GodotSteam update
  • Changed: random bots can now select from any hair, headgear, shirt, pants, and shoes skins
  • Changed: date span for holiday seasons, particularly Halloween
  • Changed: achievement checking and comparison to save file
  • Fixed: glitch where betting more than the opponent had crashed the game

Fermented - Version 1.3.2 [ 11/23/18 ]

  • Fixed: glitch allowing halftime dice to re-roll during match

Fermented - Version 1.3.1 [ 10/29/18 ]

  • Fixed: avatar skin layer misalignment
  • Fixed: unlocks for beating box misaligned
  • Fixed: extra digit in achievement name
  • Fixed: issue with arena background loading
  • Fixed: issue with eyelids
  • Fixed: issue with Jack's body sprites
  • FIxed: avatar unlock frame for beating Jack

Fermented - Version 1.3 [ 10/28/18 ]

  • Added: Halloween event bot and arena
  • Added: various new Halloween themed skins
  • Added: new Halloween achievement - Full Mooned
  • Changed: small bits of code for efficiency
  • Changed: bot match lengths to 10, 12, 134, 16, 18, 20 (in order)
  • Changed: upgraded engine to Godot 3.0.6

Fermented - Version 1.2 [ 08/22/18 ]

  • Added: Embiggen mode for the seeing impaired
  • Changed: slight bits of code for efficiency
  • Changed: minor layout of Options section
  • Fixed: graphically issue with Jenkin's pants
  • Fixed: misalignment of Jungle Juice's ingredients in drink list
  • Fixed: missing drink effect from Day Job in drink list

Fermented - Version 1.1 [ 08/10/18 ]

  • Added: the Hendrix achievement for dying from vomiting
  • Changed: moved players back from the box to prevent clipping
  • Fixed: missing shuffle animation in multiplayer

Fermented - Version 1.0 [ 07/30/18 ]

  • Added: lobby heartbeat for obvious reasons
  • Added: "bottoms" option to Midnight
  • Added: drink hints to show what you can make with your hand (both known and unknown)
  • Added: drink stats to the drink list when hovering over a name
  • Added: Top Shelf and The Sobering multiplayer modes
  • Added: four achievements - Graduation, Responsible, Connoisseur, and Teetotal
  • Added: chat icon to show other players chat window
  • Added: collectibles on box for any temporary or permanent upgrades
  • Added: ties to the careers record
  • Added: a shuffle animation when the cards get re-shuffled
  • Changed: allowed players to set custom ports when hosting
  • Changed: if player dies during drink, it now hides the drink they are consuming
  • Changed: added "bottoms" text to tutorial
  • Changed: in-game chat now records chat history for session, can scroll through it
  • Changed: cleaned up more code
  • Changed: re-wrote server deletion function to be threaded
  • Changed: consumed drink display
  • Changed: margin spacing in dynamic buttons
  • Changed: some messages based on activities
  • Changed: toggling sound or music on puts it back to it's value prior to being off
  • Fixed: player HUD not resetting correctly after first multiplayer match
  • Fixed: wrong tutorial sign showing up if match ended before half-time starts
  • Fixed: invite not being disabled before server was set up
  • Fixed: crash when going from host to join too quickly before server disconnects
  • Fixed: no X on missing 1 or 4 die in dice tray at end of turn for multiplayer
  • Fixed: graphical issue with opening cover
  • Fixed: network player missing their purchases or upgrades
  • Fixed: ESC not closing pause menu
  • Fixed: not removing lobby from server list after hitting back button
  • Fixed: small issues with CoaguCo API
  • Fixed: weird glitch where all achievements show as unlocked in stats section
  • Fixed: issue where death on first drink doesn't trigger achievement
  • Fixed: missing click sounds
  • Fixed: issue where cross-platform linux and windows match would sometimes crash
  • Fixed: issue where player would get double their betting amount upon victory
  • Fixed: unlock graphics over top of closing window
  • Fixed: bots arena not showing up correctly
  • Fixed: chat window above closing window
  • Fixed: correct halftime message if you don't have a 1 or a 4 on the last roll
  • Fixed: chain vomit text not being dark enough
  • Fixed: peer backgrounds not matching
  • Fixed: some missing HUD updates for client in multiplayer game
  • Fixed: multiplayer drink book doesn't clear last recipes
  • Fixed: all sleeve cards showing if you only have 1 or 2
  • Fixed: player 2's appearance sticks if leaving multiplayer lobby for singleplayer
  • Fixed: showing player two won dice if players tied
  • Fixed: Taco Hell giving player 1 drunk point instead of subtracting it
  • Fixed: tie game gives back too much money
  • Fixed: drank graphics not fading out correctly

Ethanol - Version 0.4.1 Beta [ 07/22/18 ]

  • Added: lobby rules for remaining multiplayer modes
  • Added: end match trophy to singleplayer
  • Added: tied conditional to singleplayer
  • Added: network heartbeat to check for connection drops
  • Changed: additional code re-writes
  • Changed: removed spectating option
  • Changed: Midnight dice tray now separates 1 and 4 from score
  • Changed: removed Mac support entirely
  • Changed: swapping drinks no longer tells you what they are
  • Changed: now shows what you actually drank
  • Changed: removed 4-Player Versus, Random Drink, and Tag-Team
  • Changed: removed most unused graphics
  • Fixed: missing if/else conditional for victory allowing two win types at once
  • Fixed: missing player money in shop
  • Fixed: trophy showing above tutorial sign
  • Fixed: missing body frame in idle animations during lobby
  • Fixed: sleeve cards not working properly
  • Fixed: sleeve card sign not disappearing at end game round-up
  • Fixed: vomit counting as double on match scoring in singleplayer
  • Fixed: missing end game message if game is tied
  • Fixed: cards sitting over notepad list
  • Fixed: small grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Fixed: missing statistics
  • Fixed: lifetime drink totals not being recorded correctly

Ethanol - Version 0.4 Beta [ 07/01/18 ]

  • Added: various sound effects
  • Added: master server to CoaguCo API system
  • Added: server list browser to join interface
  • Added: multiplayer status board for game lobbies
  • Added: One on One multiplayer mode to game
  • Added: multiplayer betting interface
  • Added: hooks for multiplayer achievements
  • Added: stage variable for easier iteration
  • Added: all missing achievement hooks for singleplayer
  • Added: functionality to deal with ties
  • Added: trophy to game over scene
  • Changed: hosting games require you to set game mode before opening host lobby
  • Changed: removed unused Tutorial script
  • Changed: optimized some code
  • Changed: player talking animation duration and frames
  • Fixed: forfeit not working correctly
  • Fixed: multiplayer match updating singleplayer lifetime count
  • Fixed: lobby chat not working at all
  • Fixed: missing mouse cursor graphic
  • Fixed: changing "participation" as client changed it on host and other clients
  • Fixed: weird bug where in Options 'Windowed' was replaced by 'Vitals'
  • Fixed: chat bubbles not showing up correctly
  • Fixed: player being able to join server when game is in progress

Digestif - Version 0.3.1 Beta [ 06/16/18 ]

  • Added: tutorial mode for single player
  • Changed: end of match wrap text to center
  • Fixed: box graphic

Digestif - Version 0.3 Beta [ 06/15/18 ]

  • Added: master volume to options and hotkey
  • Added: new item - Booger
  • Added: 68 new drink recipes
  • Added: alternate sides shirt sprites so text shows up the right way
  • Added: other game ownership to menu
  • Added: additional vomit sprites for players 3 and 4
  • Added: Midnight as a half-time game
  • Added: initial version of bot AI for dice
  • Added: correct backgrounds show when playing against bots
  • Added: bots talking shit before match
  • Added: two more tracks by Macabre Gandhi
  • Added: half-time badge animation
  • Changed: engine version to Godot 3
  • Changed: opening splash logo for Godot
  • Changed: new item images
  • Changed: item slug is now snail
  • Changed: rule structure for the game
  • Changed: play box sprite
  • Changed: all player positions to be more normal
  • Changed: rearranged HUD layouts for singleplayer and multiplayer
  • Changed: some achievements
  • Changed: updated shop item sprites
  • Changed: moved menu version text around
  • Changed: moved Steam message on menu
  • Changed: removed Residues and mixed them into Intoxicants
  • Changed: reduced vomitting "drunk heal" from 3 to 2
  • Changed: various modifications to bot AI
  • Changed: vomit sprites
  • Changed: round counter to show "dealing/bartending" turn
  • Changed: purchased items/cards from Shop are now Sleeve Cards
  • Changed: death animation slightly so player stumbles back
  • Changed: removed unused animations
  • Changed: removed shot taking half-time game
  • Changed: match end message location and text
  • Fixed: sprite order for clothing
  • Fixed: missing check for achievement On The Edge when dying from vomitting
  • Fixed: file name for shop item sprites
  • Fixed: position glitch in loading animation
  • Fixed: minor miscount on shop item total
  • Fixed: incorrect count on Mixologist achievement
  • Fixed: missing global stat for Shots
  • Fixed: some grammatic and spelling errors in blurbs
  • Fixed: game updating match number during half-time
  • Fixed: missing money increase on winning a bet
  • Fixed: missing bot puke score updates

Cocktail - Version 0.2.5 Beta [ 12/30/17 ]

  • Added: tutorial hints on your first game
  • Added: 51 new recipes
  • Added: 1 new residue
  • Added: multi-player matches back in
  • Added: two new pages to drink book
  • Added: show ingredients player is adding/subtracting to brewer, in multiplayer
  • Added: pressing ENTER will join given IP, if entered
  • Added: last 10 achievements
  • Added: midnight as a half-time game
  • Added: badge to half-time winner's avatar
  • Added: half-time message during rolling
  • Added: separate hand for dice rolling animations during halftime
  • Changed: various signal connecting in lobby scene
  • Changed: updated bot AI in drink selection
  • Changed: bots Marsch, Sweaty Mike, and Jenkins can now use any items
  • Changed: lists and scripting for drinks, residues, intoxicants, and ingredients
  • Changed: message now shows up when connection fails
  • Changed: lobby ready mechanic
  • Changed: replaced betting options with role options in Setup
  • Changed: match setup options don't appear until player actually joins host
  • Fixed: statistics not saving correctly
  • Fixed: incorrect drink recipes in brewer script
  • Fixed: incorrect drink recipes in drink book
  • Fixed: half-time liquor bottles contents
  • Fixed: pants over shoes in player 1 set up
  • Fixed: Steam invite string when accepting invites
  • Fixed: some achievements unlocked by default
  • Fixed: weird line through match start-up screen
  • Fixed: spelling mistake on achievement description

Cocktail - Version 0.2.4 Beta [ 09/08/17 ]

  • Added: half-time mechanics
  • Added: round counter graphic and animation
  • Added: various half-time art assets
  • Added: shots taken and half-time victories to counted statistics
  • Added: when player accepts Steam invite and not in-game, Steam launches the game and takes player to lobby
  • Added: chain vomit pop-up to indicate it's happening, granted you can see it
  • Changed: placement of player's vomit on box
  • Changed: created new game icons
  • Changed: rearranged ingredient stats on HUD for consistency
  • Changed: location of round counter
  • Changed: tweaked some functions in single-player matches for efficiency
  • Changed: your IP and host IP to separate variables
  • Changed: acquire money animation
  • Changed: refined the score function itself, also now shows the actual total per item
  • Changed: changed Steam invite string for command line friendliness
  • Changed: reversed all "drunk" stats and changed to "sobriety" for homogeneous statistic usage
  • Changed: made match wrap-up message a bit more complex
  • Changed: achievement background image
  • Changed: layout of statistics page a bit
  • Fixed: drunk eyes overlaying during blink in idle animation
  • Fixed: after pressing disconnect, join match shows no options and is still disabled
  • Fixed: Steam invite function triggering even if player did not get an invite
  • Fixed: liver upgrade affecting health
  • Fixed: glitch where inventory was accessible outside of turn or when not full
  • Fixed: allowing player to make bets for more than opponent had
  • Fixed: bet money not being taken from bot
  • Fixed: sobriety not being updated after vomiting
  • Fixed: "draw_done" being called twice during player's turn
  • Fixed: graphical glitch moving from half-time to idle when winning
  • Fixed: loser of the chain-vomit just keeps vomiting
  • Fixed: forfeiting if the game is closed or match is quit before ending

Cocktail - Version 0.2.3 Beta [ 08/21/17 ]

  • Added: display the round numbers
  • Added: "white out" animation at end of match
  • Added: player inviting message
  • Added: show unlocked skins and arenas after beating certain bots
  • Added: hover-over for player 2, player 3, and player 4
  • Added: match turn limits; single-player now ends after round 10, multiplayer is variable
  • Added: can set match turn limits during multiplayer setup
  • Added: new achievement "From The Grave"
  • Added: match scores; various things add to your score, highest score wins
  • Added: character save after leaving the shop
  • Added: custom cursor
  • Added: proper pause/quit menu for single-player
  • Added: ability for game to read additional launch parameters
  • Changed: invite players now opens a dialog to select from Steam friends online
  • Changed: streamlined hover code for intoxicants and ingredients in HUD
  • Changed: moved status effect message
  • Changed: replaced player names with player avatars
  • Changed: who starts match banner sizes
  • Changed: back button now only takes you to the main menu
  • Changed: restored chat in multiplayer
  • Changed: message when player joins match then goes back to normal
  • Fixed: player's money not showing up correctly in Shop
  • Fixed: weird black border on opening animation
  • Fixed: issues with player 1 status effect hover-over
  • Fixed: status effect duration
  • Fixed: issues with certain achievements not firing
  • Fixed: item name and price still show up after purchase
  • Fixed: update the player money when store opens or purchase is made
  • Fixed: items purchased not becoming active
  • Fixed: pause/quit menu not working correctly
  • Removed: Steam overlay invite system

Cocktail - Version 0.2.2 Beta [ 07/28/17 ]

  • Added: new match intro for single player
  • Added: text and lock status to arenas
  • Added: text and lock status to appearances
  • Added: locked message if you try to leave selection section with a locked asset selected
  • Added: The Dope Game players' special outfits / unlockables
  • Added: Raise Your Own Clone players' special outfits / unlockables
  • Added: One Way To Die players' special outfits / unlockables
  • Added: 9 new items
  • Added: Shady Merchant's shop to spend your money
  • Added: 30 items to the Shady Merchant's shop
  • Added: 4 new residues
  • Added: 3 new Intoxicants
  • Added: 16 new recipes
  • Changed: Tipsy Ballerina recipe to cause double health damage for duration
  • Changed: realigned item spritesheet
  • Changed: AI brew "considering" animation
  • Changed: lobby layout is greatly different
  • Changed: functions for arena changing
  • Changed: realigned status/intoxicant spritesheet
  • Changed: tweaked bot AI to include new recipes
  • Changed: functions for appearance changing
  • Changed: a few small corrections to some character textures
  • Changed: reworked menu animations
  • Changed: additional small code "clean ups"
  • Fixed: arena changes not adding to favorites
  • Fixed: hair textures being over top of vomit textures
  • Fixed: loading screen glitch

Cocktail - Version 0.2.1 Beta [ 06/13/17 ]

  • Added: match settings toggles to lobby
  • Added: 'random' to rule list
  • Added: in-game console, toggles with ~
  • Added: single-player progression with bots
  • Added: arena unlock progression
  • Added: multiplayer chat
  • Changed: back button on lobby to uncrowd the box
  • Fixed: issue where achievements were saved as 'y' instead of true
  • Fixed: arena customization showing wrong name when using last saved arena
  • Fixed: clearing networking status when leaving active game or lobby
  • Fixed: lobby idling not working correctly
  • Fixed: "Wise Penny" hair going over appearance toggles
  • Fixed: other player's characters not disappearing when switching from join to host or vice-versa
  • Fixed: lobby not closing when host leaves
  • Fixed: player being able to join self (?!)

Cocktail - Version 0.2.0 Beta [ 05/10/17 ]

  • Added: multiple layers of vomit
  • Added: new headgears, hairs, shirts, pants, and shoes
  • Added: new body types
  • Added: additional achievements
  • Added: more thorough achievement checking
  • Added: "drunk eyes" as drunk level increases
  • Added: Sweaty Mike bot
  • Added: Marsch bot
  • Added: Ralph bot
  • Added: Jenkins bot
  • Added: Zulda the Missing Link bot
  • Added: multiplayer lobby
  • Added: added various additional locations
  • Added: opponent select when playing against bots
  • Added: four player support
  • Added: function hooks for multiplayer game modes
  • Added: 13 residues
  • Added: 36 new recipes
  • Added: more messages in lobby based on section
  • Added: favorite body and favorite location to stats
  • Added: bot blurbs in lobby during selection
  • Added: on/off icons for sound and music when toggled
  • Added: betting and lobby cardboard signs on a "string"
  • Added: function to compare user stat file to built-in counterparts to prevent crashing if built-ins are updated in later versions
  • Added: visual cue that residues are in effect
  • Added: intoxicant name and durations under inventory on hover
  • Added: new drink recipes to the known drink list
  • Changed: HUD layout
  • Changed: games connections to CoaguCo API
  • Changed: original background image
  • Changed: layout of the lobby
  • Changed: layout of the match area
  • Changed: 'no one' to '???' in leaderboards
  • Changed: 'at' to '-' in leaderboards
  • Changed: leaderboards now truncate too long of text
  • Changed: can now see opponents stats in a match
  • Changed: bot AI
  • Changed: lobby sign to cardboard sign
  • Changed: idle animations
  • Changed: function naming convention
  • Changed: betting is skipped if player has no money
  • Changed: splash animation to follow music better
  • Changed: significant portions of underlying code
  • Fixed: issue where previous button on appearances didn't show up after changing from Zulda to Boo
  • Fixed: drunk and health variables swapped in brewer
  • Fixed: liver, health, drunk damage not calculating correctly sometimes
  • Fixed: Hepatotoxic using wrong intox ID
  • Fixed: issue where money stats weren't showing up in Stats section
  • Fixed: residues being applied during pre-brew phase
  • Fixed: residues from other player's brew affecting different player's life-time totals
  • Fixed: music and sound toggling issues
  • Fixed: drinks not showing up on known drink list
  • Fixed: intoxicant effects not ordering correctly

Bitters - Version 0.1.3 Development [ 03/29/17 ]

  • Added: tracks by David Totten and Macabre Gandhi
  • Added: list of known drinks and ingredients
  • Added: cancel button for betting
  • Added: location changing framework for beta
  • Added: brew explaination as it is made (add items to see)
  • Added: click sound to more buttons
  • Added: more sound effects
  • Added: new graphical assets for a variety of things
  • Added: quit message when X'ing out game
  • Added: show betting amount won/lost at end of match
  • Added: vomiting has chance of causing opponent to vomit, vice-versa
  • Changed: layout of lobby in preparation for beta
  • Changed: who goes first animation
  • Changed: moved betting mechanics to HUD and Player modules
  • Changed: betting amount taken from money when bet is placed, lost on forfeit
  • Changed: low point on audio
  • Changed: decreased health stats on all items
  • Fixed: betting not removing from total if won or lost
  • Fixed: being able to click customize buttons when said menus are closed
  • Fixed: music not looping

Bitters - Version 0.1.2 Development [ 12/11/16 ]

  • Added: numeric value of health, liver, and drunk to bars
  • Added: new brewer module for more complicated functions
  • Added: new logging system
  • Added: additional controller support functionality
  • Added: effects animation functions
  • Added: item stats to HUD when known (have to use them!)
  • Added: a lot more player statistics for later use
  • Added: framework for residues
  • Added: assets for achievements
  • Changed: HUD layout across the top
  • Changed: loading/transition functions
  • Changed: items now have individual stats for mixing
  • Changed: selection menu text
  • Changed: character “parts” setup for sake of loading
  • Changed: stat properties of items
  • Changed: optimized PNG files for speed
  • Changed: opened up Options, Statistics, and Leaderboards for testing
  • Changed: organized all name dictionaries
  • Changed: updated totalling functions
  • Changed: updated CoaguCo API to work with new code
  • Fixed: min’s and max’s on all stats
  • Fixed: incorrect drinking and vomiting animation

Bitters - Version 0.1.1 Development [ 10/18/16 ]

  • Added: intoxications to HUD
  • Added: intoxications status durations to HUD on hover
  • Added: 9 more drink recipes
  • Changed: player/opponent vomiting animation functions
  • Changed: inventory and brewer functions to better track items
  • Changed: moved clothing/hair spritesheets to main scene for smoother loading
  • Changed: animation sequences to match new spritesheet layouts
  • Fixed: animation call functions failing
  • Fixed: brew button unlocked if nothing in queue
  • Fixed: playing not vomiting when too drunk
  • Fixed: headgear spritesheet named incorrectly (caused crash)
  • Fixed: bot not accessing brewer recipe list correctly
  • Fixed: 'Used Bandage' and 'Finger' not showing up in item list
  • Fixed: vomit under headgear layer
  • Fixed: opponent vomiting not leaving stain
  • Fixed: intoxications not reducing each round
  • Fixed: somewhat transparent grey beard during vomit animation
  • Fixed: next match statistics resetting

Bitters - Version 0.1.0 Development [ 10/08/16 ]

  • Added: new scene transition animation
  • Added: two new hair styles
  • Added: hooks for loyalty unlocks (different opponents)
  • Added: hooks for "spectactors" and side-betting
  • Added: new splash animation
  • Added: multiple new items
  • Added: multiple new recipes
  • Added: coin toss (and animation) before match start
  • Added: banner announcement of match
  • Added: randomed opponent appearances
  • Added: item names when hovering over inventory spaces
  • Changed: multiplayer functions blocked for now
  • Changed: moved game to Godot Engine 2.2
  • Changed: swapped pixel art for hand-drawn
  • Removed: free-roam alley map
  • Fixed: opponent and player blinking at the same time
  • Bug: Animation to game from lobby seems to stick at 65% then end

Absinthe - Version 0.0.8 Development [ 03/15/14 ]

  • Added: new headgear sprites with accompanying portraits
  • Changed: ocked player HUD out until brewer is obtained
  • Changed: locked player actions, except walk/run, until brewer is obtained
  • Changed: player spritesheets for graphical issues
  • Changed: quit / return to main menu
  • Fixed: starting board's cut-scene ordering, opening cut-scene starts on board load

Absinthe - Version 0.0.7 Development [ 03/05/14 ]

  • Added: layering to cut-scenes to match character appearance
  • Changed: splash sequence backgrounds
  • Fixed:NPC start positioning
  • Fixed:walking glitch when moving right and flickering left movement frame
  • Fixed:broken falling animation
  • Fixed:weird "death" animation slipping in when snatching items if holding down a movement key
  • Fixed: player starting in wrong locations
  • Fixed: freeze with cut-scenes, mostly exiting them and locking up the game

Absinthe - Version 0.0.6 Development [ 02/26/14 ]

  • Added: twenty new items
  • Added: NPCs
  • Added: falling mechanic
  • Added: cut-scene interface
  • Added: brewer mixing and intoxicants
  • Added: addition levels
  • Added: purchasing mechanic

Absinthe - Version 0.0.5 Development [ 02/21/14 ]

  • Added: modules for major game classes
  • Added: vomiting mechanic
  • Added: sludge mechanic
  • Changed: new HUD set-up and icons
  • Changed: significant engine re-write

Absinthe - Version 0.0.4 Development [ 02/16/14 ]

  • Added: additional animations for player; emptying empty brewer, running
  • Changed: new HUD background
  • Changed: expanded sprite sheets for additional animation cells
  • Fixed:walking animation causing CTD if holding movement key(s) when action animations end
  • Fixed:various animation bugs in actions

Absinthe - Version 0.0.3 Development [ 02/12/14 ]

  • Added: in-game messages
  • Added: sprite layering to allow for various player appearances
  • Added: debug functioning to test animations, layers, and other functions
  • Changed: complete overhaul on player class
  • Fixed: animations and frame setting for use with appearance sprites

Absinthe - Version 0.0.2 Development [ 02/09/14 ]

  • Added: full camera system
  • Changed: menu placement
  • Changed: menu background
  • Changed: HUD to show items in brewer
  • Changed: text renderer
  • Fixed: configuration file read/ write/ modify processes
  • Fixed: state change issues when leaving or entering menu
  • Fixed: resolution issues where system was setting wrong sizes
  • Fixed: splash issue not displaying images correctl

Absinthe - Version 0.0.1 Development [ 02/05/14 ]

  • Added: version number to menu
  • Changed: animation tests to main game loop
  • Changed: intro loop with splash loop